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Methods Of Maintenance Of Tents


1. After cleaning, put the ventilated shade to dry naturally, do not put in the hot sun or put high temperature place to bake, to prevent the withdrawal of glue or degumming, accelerate aging.

2. Nonprofessional labor rubber shoes do not contact with acid and alkali, salt and other chemical substances, so as to avoid corrosion and degumming deformation.

3. The force should be gentle and uniform when cleaning. Do not swipe hard to avoid short-term, or brush off the shoe body pattern and decorative parts.

4. Avoid contact with sharp and sharp items to prevent scratching and scratching.

5. For colored canvas, do not come into contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the canvas of this color, apply toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, then cool dry, can prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of white clean paper covered on top, dry and rip off. Can also prevent discoloration.

6. There are broken wires, dropped lines, or loose decorative parts and other minor problems should be sent in time for repair. To extend its service life.

7. In addition, tents should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and stench. Do not wash with a washing machine. Some people think that tents are anti-folding, low price, lazy hand wash. Cooked do not know and decorative cloth is not the same, with washing machine washing is easy to fall off and fade.


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