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Shape Classification Of Sleeping Bags


Common sleeping bags are available in 3 shapes, Mamie, envelope and beer bucket. Mamie is also called mummy or mummy type, this sleeping bag shoulder wide foot narrow, shoulder width is generally 75 to 85 cm, footsteps width 35 to 45 cm. Mamie sleeping bag is the same weight can achieve a good warm effect of the sleeping bag shape, suitable for cold season use; envelope sleeping bag As the name suggests, shoulder cloth and feet as wide, like an envelope, such a sleeping bag is more relaxed, suitable for the summer warm season and large size of people; mixed sleeping bag type before the combination of the two.

Most of them are envelope sleeping bags plus a mamie hat. The international popular sleeping bag is the small square hat, the body is streamlined (the wide part is not at the neckline, but at the shoulder elbow). The previous large round hat not only increased weight, but also was not conducive to keeping warm. Some people call this new sleeping bag   "Beer bucket ", some people call it   "Cocoon type ", in fact, are just the alienation of the first two sleeping bags, it is designed to absorb the advantages of the first two sleeping bags, abandoned the shortcomings of the former both, in the carrying and use of comfort has been greatly improved.

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