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Steps To Use A Sleeping Bag


1.1-2 days before outdoor exercise, please stretch your sleeping bag completely, which will help you to give full play to its warm performance in the wild. Put the sleeping bag into the compressed bag before you leave.

2. Cold environment do not wear a coat into the sleeping bag, it is recommended to wear only underwear sleep, which helps to quickly improve the sleeping bag inside the temperature and sleep comfort.

3. In the camp as time permits, in the morning will be the sleeping bag overturned, placed on the top of the tent or dry, ventilated, sunny environment, to help the sleeping bag dry, but to avoid the intense daylight during the day.

4. Storage, you can first roll the sleeping bag once, squeeze out most of the air. Then spread out the sleeping bag and start the sleeping bag irregularly into the compressed bag from the tail. It is not recommended to put in a compressed bag by rewinding, because long-term regular rewinding will cause the sleeping bag surface cloth to accelerate aging due to uneven stress.

5. Down sleeping bag fabric with waterproof or anti-splashing function, but if the weather is extremely humid on the way, please seal the sleeping bag with plastic bags, to avoid moist air into the sleeping bag.

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