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Washing Of Sleeping Bags


Chemical fiber cotton sleeping bag and fleece sleeping bag can be washed directly, if the washing machine is big enough can also be machine wash. When drying, try to tile or hang more, so as not to transition droop. The washing method of down sleeping bag: According to the suggestion of down experts, the down sleeping bag can be cleaned once in 4 years or so. Service life of about 10-12 years, can be cleaned 3 times. If it is not too dirty, it can be simply cleaned, such as using a towel to glue gasoline to clean the surface material can be. Sleeping bags are often dirty in outdoor sports, with more cleaning times. Cleaning methods are as follows: hand washing or professional machine washing. Hand wash with a special down detergent soaking, rinse clean can be, do not rub too much, do not twist. If you want to machine wash, please give it to a professional washing company.

After cleaning, dry or dry, make sure to gently pat after drying, wait for its natural expansion and deposit into the sleeping bag storage bag. Down sleeping bag washing bogey with alkaline detergent, avoid twisting, avoid fire roasting drying. Down sleeping bags can be shared with cotton sleeping bag lining (sleeping bag cover) to reduce washing opportunities, while cotton sleeping bag lining has a role in helping to suck sweat.

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