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When Using Sleeping Bags, There Are Several Ways To Improve The Degree Of Warmth


Equipped with a better quality moisture-proof pad, which is very important, often camping people have experience, if the chill from the ground directly to the back, that cold is unbearable; if you have the conditions to drink a hot drink before bed, milk fruit can be, so that the body fever.

Eat a comfortable meal before bed, especially to replenish carbohydrates (starch, sugar).

Wear a long set of warm underwear and clean socks will be very effective.

When the sleeping bag is not warm enough, you can wear more clothes, or cover clothes and other items on the sleeping bag.

And more people squeezing a tent.

In the case of security, steam lamp or stoves at the midpoint of the tent; To pile up fire. With so many methods, you might as well try them at the critical time.

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